How to buy drinking cups

When buying a plastic cup, smell if it smells bad. If it smells good, don't buy it. Also look at the triangular logo on the bottom of the cup, which is usually marked "05" to indicate that the material is PP(polypropylene). The material is done glass melting point at 170 ℃ to 172 ℃, has good heat resistance, and has stable chemical properties. As far as possible do not choose the water cup of heavier color, prevent its aggravate the impurity that the color conceals among them. It also depends on whether the wall is clear and pure. Look shiny, good plastic containers have a shiny appearance, poor appearance some dark. You can pour hot water into a plastic water glass to see if the bottle is deformed and smelly, and turn it upside down repeatedly to see if the bottle is properly sealed.

Above is the small doohickey that should notice when water cup of choose and buy, everybody must careful choose the water cup that material pledges suits, among them the harm of paper cup is the biggest, use paper cup as far as possible less as far as possible.




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