Is silicone folded water cup safe

Silicone cups are generally safe. The bottle is made of organic silicone. Temperature -40-220 degrees, durable, never deformed. Can fold into the pocket to use!

Food silica gel is an inorganic polymeric colloid material formed by polycondensation of silicate. Its main component is mSiO2nH2O. The chemical stability is good, except that the caustic and hydrofluoric acids do not react with any acid-base in very special cases. It is often used in infant pacifier, bottle and other products with high safety requirements.

Silica gel folding cup is a kind of folding cup that is easy to carry, clean to use and has double-layer cup wall. The two adjacent sections of the outer wall are connected by thread, and the two adjacent sections of the inner wall are matched by cone that can move up and down. The rotation of the outer wall thread drives the upper and lower expansion of the inner wall to achieve the folding and stretching function of the cup.

Healthy drinking

Drink water before bed to prevent heart attacks and strokes. When the body is dehydrated, the blood becomes viscous and the risk of a heart attack increases. Drink one cup of water 1-2 hours before going to bed, can reduce risk effectively.

Get up and drink water to prevent constipation. Drinking water in the morning promotes gastrointestinal motility. Before sleeping can put a glass of water in the head of a bed, drink immediately after getting up, effect is doubled.

Drink water before exercising to perform better. When the blood water is sufficient, can supply the muscle and cell more oxygen and nutrient, not easy fatigue.

Drink lots of water when you drink. Alcohol has diuretic composition, make hemal dilate, body temperature rises, easy cause the body is short of water. Accordingly, drink water more when drinking, can reduce drink to be thirsty wait for unwell.

Drink water to wake up your mind when you are anxious and tired. A sudden feeling of exhaustion, anxiety, irritability or a lack of concentration in your brain can be a sign that your body is running out of water, and drinking a glass of water may give you a boost of energy.

Who should drink more water

People with high blood pressure

The first glass of water of the day should be drunk right after you wake up. Because over the course of the night, the body's water will sweat and evaporate out of the body, leaving the blood dehydrated when you wake up. According to a harvard study, blood viscosity makes the incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke between 6 and 9 am significantly higher than other times of the day. Especially morning exercise people, drink a cup of cold open and exercise, can reduce the risk of accidents.

People with colds

Getting plenty of water in your body helps your immune system, and diseases such as a mild cold can be relieved by drinking more water. Expert introduction, if cold when afraid of cold, body temperature is not very high, have a headache, nose is blocked, shed tears, hardly perspire, it is wind cold cold commonly cold, can drink some hot water, hot soup or hot porridge, let the body perspire, conduce to dispel wind chill. If the temperature is relatively high, easy to perspire, sore throat, throat, thick phlegm, nasal congestion, yellow nose, thirst, generally cold, you can drink some mint tea, helps alleviate symptoms.




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